Project Information

 iPoint Control


Content Management System (CMS)


C# SQL SQL Server Microsoft Visual Studio

What is iPoint Control?

iPoint Control is a desktop Content Management System (CMS) application used by iPoint Media to manage every aspect of their iKiosk Wayfinder's content, from creating new sites like malls and shopping centres, to adding new stores and listings, updating store details, changing store locations, loading listing pictures, uploading and scheduling new video advertisements and creating deals, special offers and so much more.

The application also manages the various graphical maps and orientations for the sites and identifies accessible paths and walkways, used by the wayfinder, to plot and draw the shortest route to selected destinations. This includes navigating via elevators, escalators and stairs, depending on the user preference.

Although iPoint Control was developed for iPoint’s internal use, some landlords have been granted access to manage their sites directly.

What is BeingIT®’s involvement?

iPoint Control was initially created in 2004 by BeingIT® and we have been involved in the maintenance and continuous improvement of the application to-date.

iPoint Control started out as a tourism information CMS with rich media that was state of the art for it's time and evolved to manage and replace the way traditional directory boards are managed and maintained in malls and shopping centres.

How is iPoint Control put together?

iPoint Control is written in C# as a .NET Windows Forms application using a range of SQL Server databases. The application has a client-server architecture and makes use of different Web Services and APIs. On the server side there is a .NET Windows Services that looks after the content, reporting and data synchronisation and publishing needs.