SQL Business Object Creator

SQL Business Object Creator

This application creates a .Net SQL business object library for your SQL or OLE databases. Just point it to your database and it will create all the database business .Net code for you, including functions and procedures.


Save yourself hours and hours of coding by using BeingIT®s Sql Business Object Creator. It is a simple and easy to use tool that creates all the business objects for your coding with one click of the button. Connect to the database you want to use, paste the namespace you want to make use of and click generate. The object creator will create all your command, connection, function, parameters and procedures code. This reduces the need to retype previous database object code and in turn lets you focus on more application functionality. If you wish to change procedures, you only need to update your database and generate your code. It also generates your code in a clean and structured format so you can find functions, methods or objects much easier. BeingIT®s Sql Business Object Creator is free to download.

Requirements: .Net 2
Download Count: 1537

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