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 iKiosk Wayfinder


Electron Application


C# Python HTML CSS JavaScript jQuery XML JSON MVC SQL Server SQLite Microsoft Visual Studio Visual Studio Code Electron NodeJS Nuget Package Manager Adobe Illustrator

What is iKiosk?

iKiosk is a touch screen wayfinder system used in malls, restaurants, businesses, airports and universities to help users find what they are looking for. You will see these, most commonly, in local shopping malls as the large touch screen stands in the center of most common areas. Its design has been built to accommodate a wide target audience and create space for advertising. Big brands like FNB, MTN, Steers, Ster Kinekor and Computicket use the iKiosk screens on a daily basis to showcase their campaigns.

What is BeingIT®’s involvement?

BeingIT® has been working with iPoint since 2003 and has been a part of iKiosk’s development, growth and demand as it expanded from South Africa, to Botswana, Mozambique and even Namibia. iPoint's iKiosk application was awarded the "Best Tourism Product of 2007" in South Africa with an average of over 73 000 store finds per day, iKiosk is a high traffic system with durability like no other and constantly improving. Advertising space was integrated into the system in 2008 and has been a big part of iKiosk’s growth as it offers opportunities for brands to market deals, campaigns, updates and specials.

How is iKiosk put together?

The iKiosk app has been built using .NET with MSSQL and SQLite as a back-end with Electron as the front-end. We pulled a range of very complementary technologies together to make this a durable and scalable application that will last for years to come. This powerful combination allowed us to make use of rock solid .NET design principles and the freedom of expression using HTML, CSS, JavaScript and the reliability of MS SQL Server. Utmost attention was given to creating a product that would be durable, long lasting and not rely on or be affected by updates of various other coding languages and/or platforms. We don't even make use of Bootstrap or jQuery. Everything is vanilla Javascript and built from the ground up.