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 Platinum Cloud


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C# HTML CSS JavaScript jQuery XML JSON MVC SQL SQL Server Microsoft Visual Studio

What is Platinum Cloud?

Platinum Cloud Online Reporting and Business management portal gives you the information and control you require on a cloud-based solution. Real time financial and sales analysis of countless stores, geographical areas and clusters, is crucial in understanding a business’ requirements and shortfalls.

You can manage, create and edit your products, menus, users, targets, suppliers, purchases and stock holding from one central point. Perform inter branch transfers, generate stock requests and purchase orders, manage short deliveries and delivery receipts for all your stores online.

This web application allows you to create specials, deals, promotions, happy hours and time-based price changes on-the-fly, 24 hours a day, from your tablet or smartphone. You can manage your debtors and loyalty customers worldwide using a single account.

What is BeingIT®’s involvement?

Platinum Solutions has been a client of BeingIT® for many years and has a multitude of technology products and services. One of these products include a Point Of Sale (POS) system which is used to capture daily sales for restaurants, petrol stations and various other businesses. Platinum Solutions approached BeingIT® to create a cloud solution that would allow their clients to view various reports based on the POS system data, specially useful for franchises and branches managing multiple stores in different locations.

BeingIT® created a web portal where the POS information is channelled, along with a service agent application running on-site, that collects and pushes data to the cloud platform.

Platinum Cloud is a web application that had the initial goal to only compile sales reports and has expanded to a large variety of workflow and managing methods. It also allows for inventory management, customer loyalty programs, access rights, and automated connection alerts via email.

The Platinum Cloud product includes a dashboard that supplies the user with a break-down of sales, net sales, total costs, gross profit percentages, voids and more. It has features that allow the user to view the top 5 products or departments, view a detailed sales analysis based on products, department returns, and margins over specific weeks. A key feature is its ability to manage franchise databases - define new franchises, deactivate/retire branches - all the way down to reports for the specific branch.

How is Platinum Cloud put together?

The system builds the database structure automatically which allows for a smooth process when creating multiple branches and/or franchises. Making use of multiple databases, prevent us from ever running out of space. This incredible online web tool consists of MVC4, C#, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, SQL - it is basically full-stack.