Project Information

 Jarvis Solutions


Web Application


C# HTML CSS JavaScript MVC

What is Jarvis?

Jarvis Solutions is a South African based company that is focused on assisting small, medium and large businesses to manage their debit order collections. They do this through their comprehensive debit collection system, called Jarvis. The system automates and coordinates with service providers and their debiting needs. Jarvis is fully compliant with the industry standards of South Africa and affiliated with payment associations and banks, allowing easy tracking on successful transactions or otherwise.

The system allows for Jarvis's clients to have 24/7 online access, from anywhere in the world. The access control has been built to equip for tiered user management options alongside being able to create product levels that live within a product group.

Jarvis offers service providers the opportunity to setup user roles, manage NAEDO (non-authenticated early debit orders) and EFT debit orders. The system provides comprehensive reports for chosen transactions and easy customisation to suit different organisations' needs. It allows for trend awareness as it reviews database behaviour regularly.

What is BeingIT®’s involvement?

BeingIT® is responsible for the maintenance and development of the Jarvis System. BeingIT® has modified, optimised and improved on the system since being brought on-board. Amongst others, sequence number processing has been incorporated, database usage reduced and thus, enhanced stability and usability. The Jarvis system is autonomous and powerful, allowing service providers to track their debit collections.

It has been built to allow for complete customisation in order to cater for multiple industry needs.

How is Jarvis put together?

Jarvis is a web application that has been built in Visual Studio using C#, JavaScript, MVC, HTML and CSS.