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What is Crisper?

Crisper is an online administrative solution developed by BeingIT® to manage timekeeping and workflow, create service tickets, manage supplier orders, client reporting and more. Crisper is used in-house at BeingIT® and continually enhanced according to generic business needs.

Crisper is a multi-functional business system that houses every component you could need in one application. These features offer comprehensive solutions to a business’ Operational, HR and Accounting needs. It helps you manage your business recruitment process from advertisement and candidate application, through screening and interviews, to employment, with ease.

The planning, request and approval process of staff leave has never been this easy, integration with Google calendar takes the stress out of human resource management.

Simple clock-in/clock-out functionality and timesheet capturing allows for detailed and accurate client reporting and billing.

Industry specific functions, such as scrum management, has been incorporated to further improve customised user experience.

What is BeingIT®’s involvement?

BeingIT® has been working on this exceptional administrative solution since 2015 and every member of the company has contributed to the ideas, concepts and processes that this amazing system has to offer. As it is built from the ground up, amazing customisation is possible and features are added as they become necessary.

How is Crisper put together?

BeingIT®’s website is connected to Crisper and has a separate login which allows users to access Crisper. The users are able to view and manage their own profile and the ability to view and manage other profiles, can be enabled too. As a whole, the system has been created using HTML, SQL, JavaScript, CSS, and C# and more.

It also has functionality for logging remedies, adding comments and attachments, tracking history, planning work items, creating weekly objectives, managing client budgets, as well as user statistics which are displayed on a dashboard.

Overall, Crisper, once exposed to, is hard to live without. With everything in one place, this, ever growing and ever evolving platform, is the future to online administrative and management tooling.