Senior .NET Developer

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Senior .NET Developer position

This is a full-time position based in Durbanville. Please use SND001 as reference to the position.

What you’d be working on

This position will require a magnitude of new exciting development as well as enriching and expanding the current client production systems. We don’t focus on one area of .Net and our solutions dab into a wide range of platforms and environments.

This specific position will gain you masterful skills in Microsoft SQL and we are not talking about simple selects or updates. Very few positions out there do the type of data processing we perform inside SQL procedures, unlocking the raw purpose built power of MSSQL. Our frameworks and business controllers are very efficient and hand crafted. We develop slower in order to scale faster. You will be programming in the latest C# .Net language features and working on real world systems alongside other skilful senior, intermediate and junior developers.

The experience you’d gain will be unmatched and broaden your horizon beyond your grasp. As a full-stack engineer we expect that you understand every aspect of development, someone that could be the centre of any technical topic around software development.

We develop sophisticated software products and solutions for some of the world's biggest corporations.

The software that we develop is efficient, scalable and very reliable. We specialise in .Net and complimentary frameworks and architect our solutions from the ground up, designing tailor made systems for their intended environment. The majority of our developers are full stack engineers. We understand the entire chain and there is nearly nothing we can't build or solve.

We mainly focus on client software development, but we also offer end-to-end solutions ranging from IT consulting, web development, graphic design, domain name registration, web & server hosting and online backups, amongst other services and products.

We believe in doing things properly, no half-baked actions; doing it right first time round. We pride our self’s in open communication, healthy relationships and setting expectations.

Very few software development houses or companies with internal development teams do code reviews and this is shocking. We believe that proper code reviewing is part of our key success and one of our many fantastic perks we offer, not only to our team, but equally to our clients and the quality of the products we deliver. We know that the biggest part of learning comes from learning from others, which is one of the benefits our peer reviews offer. We review everything we write before we commit any code. Every review involves the developer and a selected reviewer sitting side by side working through the functionality on a big screen, engaging in a constructive evaluation process. This is perhaps a timely exercise, but worth every penny.

If you are passionate about software development and design and looking to make a long-term career and grow into a team lead, software engineer, solutions architect, development director, consultant or even business partner; then this is for you.

We are very selective of our people and we are searching for intellectual, enterprising individuals that can communicate on a professional level. If you do not have the necessary requirements, but know you want to grab this opportunity, persuade us by putting your case forward!

We're a growing developing company despite the current financial market. Our company was a brain child of a passionate software developer 14 years ago, who is very much part of this lively and dynamic team; one that understands what great developers enjoy and require to grow. We tailor an individual and personal experience not only for our people but also for our clients.

We appreciate how important developers are, especially since developers shape the future and build solutions that improve the way people interact with the world. Our greatest value is in the products we develop that save time allowing people and companies to do the things that matter and require a personal touch. We improve business and enrich lives.

With us you get best of both worlds in development, we have the ever changing new interesting client project development as well as development of exciting in-house products and tools. We are continually on the look-out for the new best thing, maybe we strike it lucky and score a trip to the moon on a 'shuttle' like experience.

Close-nit team, who knows how to work hard and play harder!” - Michael-Jon, Software Developer

Key Requirements

• Microsoft .Net C#
• Microsoft SQL Server
• HTML5 / CSS3 / Javascript
• Microsoft TFS / Azure DevOps


• Must be a South African Citizen
• Must have a valid Driver’s License
• Don't have a Criminal record
• Don't have a Fraud record
• Don't have a Bad Debt record

Beneficial competencies

• Agile development
• Scrum and Kanban methodologies
• Understanding Design Principles, patterns and structures
• Service Oriented Architecture